Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Takin It Easy

Sorry for no posts without pics seem so boring....but I am sure you understand why I haven't been snapping any pics lately.

Just another slow day here. I am starting to go stir crazy in the house now and I am definately not ready to be taking public trips yet. I think I would look like a big dork walking around hunched over holding my tummy with this big huge binder/girdle thingy wrapped around me.

I wonder when the day will come that I can actually stand upright again. Just the thought of it makes me ache as my tummy is so tight and still sore. I know I am making progress as I can can now shower without any aid (I couldn't reach up for the soap on the shelf and now I can) and last night I finally slept in my own bed (I couldn't do that before because I was too sore and was afraid I would accidentally put my legs straight and pull my stitches). So progress is being made here....just in super slow mo.

Thank you to Trish at Tah-Dah for the nicest card full of stamped images. She wrote me the sweetest note and gave me a ton of images to color and yes are right most of the images are not my usual style but I relish the challenge to step out of my box. Thank you for your kindness.

I also received all my Bella ATC swaps from Laura and I really like what I received. Can't wait to get back into stampin mode and make them into full cards. But right now I really have no desire to stamp because I can't just sit in one spot...I am always jumping up and reaching for things and pieces to add to my card....I am a busy body stamper.

Ok...Allison at Stampin When I Can tagged me to list 5 bloggers that make me think. Hmmmmm...funny that she listed me as blogger that makes her think. least I know someone likes my ramblings from Granny tales to stitches in the tummy. I will have to scroll through my Google Reader and pull out my top 5 blogs that I regularly stalk as a voyeur .....I doubt they even know I exist but I enjoy reading about their lives.

See ya on the blog. Oh and thanks for all the uplifting comments. Hopefully, I will be back to my normal stampin self soon. Thanks!


Dawn Griffith said...

Hi girlie : I can only imagine your pain BUT know it does get better girlie .. Its hard to believe I had a knee replacement back in May , it seems like a lifetime ago now .. and believe me you will be back to your normal self in no time hang in there GF!
Hugs to you

Trish D said...

Happy to hear you're feeling better. I know how much a C-section knocked me out, but can't even imagine what you're going through. Glad you enjoyed the card - looking forward to seeing some new lovelies from you when you're up and running again :)

Kendra Giles said...

Hello Denise! So glad to read that you are doing better! you will be back to yourself in no time :)

ruth said...

glad you are feeling better!