Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday PMS Check

I haven't done a PMS check in a long time. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this it's my way of checking in on my New Year's Resolution to becoming a better person Physically, Mentally and Spiritually {PMS}. So you won't hurt my feelings if you skip over this's just my way of journaling my progress.

BTW, thanks for all the nice comments about my haircut. In case you missed it check the previous post.

**PMS Check**

  • Physical Well Being - Obviously, I am unable to exercise right now but look forward to getting back to my walking soon. After I get the ok I would like to get back to the gym and lift weights but I need to wait at least another four weeks. I am slowly but surely getting back to my old self with less and less pain each day. I still wear my binder band around my waist but I am weaning myself off of it little by little. I feel good and I am looking better each day as my swelling and bruising subside and things shift into their right position.
  • Mental Well Being- I think the end of summer and the rush of school starting on Wednesday is making me mental. I feel like I have wasted my summer and accomplished nothing. I dread the next 4 months as it is super busy at school and this is the time I feel totally overloaded. Here's a thought....maybe instead of dreading it so much I should put forth more effort preparing for it now. Duh....that makes too much sense.
  • Spiritual Well Being - Haven't been to church in a month and totally slacked off on saying the Rosary. That is one bright spot in going back to school....morning prayer with the students and saying the Rosary on my car ride home. I enjoy my alone time in the mornings.

**Random Blogging** When my house is messy and chaotic I feel like my life is out of order too and it is overwhelming. Yesterday Bill helped me get things in order around here...mainly cleaning Maddie and Bailey's bedroom. How can two little girls make such a mess? So that felt good to get done and today I need to work on my office. I know I keep saying that and I keep blowing it off. Today I am really going to do it.....I think it will help get me school mode too....which will help me mentally as well. It's a good thing.

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Beth said...

I'm inviting myself over some school day to help you house clean somewhere....I'll be your muscles! Make the homemade mochas, okay??

Anonymous said...

You know I'd be over helping clean if it weren't for all your 4-legged creators! Oh and my new JOB as caterer to Fr. Tom! OYE VEY! How did that happen???

It's me...Mary

Anonymous said...

ERRR...that should be 4-legged creatures! I need a drink!

Beth said...

Hey, Mar, just drink some paint thinner!!

Jolene George said...

I like your idea of putting forth more effort to get a jump on the up coming crazy months.
I'm sure you're looking forward to going on your walks again.