Tuesday, August 21, 2007


**Question** I figured someone here could help me with my question. I have white ceramic tile in my kitchen and it it textured as well which means dirt and stuff gets built up and the tile always looks dirty. I have Googled how to clean tiles and everything say use soap and water which isn't cutting it. I have used everything on this tile and it still looks dirty. Any suggestions?

**Random Blogging** School starts tomorrow and I am ready...maybe! Ready for my kids to get out of the house, ready for alone time, ready to get a job....NOT ready for stress which went into full swing today. So let's focus on the positive here. Picked up the last minute school supplies today, exchanged shoes, and stocked up at the grocery store!

Also, I applied for two jobs this week and had an interview on Saturday at Archivers. I was so excited because I will get to work in an environment that I am familiar with and enjoy....but will be so hard to not spend all my money there! The purpose of working is to help with the debt diet not spend more. The other trouble is that the pay sucks...$7.50 an hour as well as the hours....nights and weekends. UGH.

Yesterday I emailed a resume to a bank right by the school and they emailed me today to confirm that I know it is part time 9-3 Mon through Fri and pays $15 an hour. Um HELLO....perfect job for me! So say lots of prayers and pray for the bank job. I am excited to work in the real world and contribute to our debt diet.

That's about it around here. Sorry for no pics and such a lame post but that's what is happening in my oh so exciting life. I hope to get back to stamping once the kids get back to school.


Anonymous said...

Denise - a few things come to mind about the tile - 1) have you tried sudsy ammonia? That will smell very very strong, but it works great on things like linoleum. 2) How about an abrasive scrub, like what you use on corningware? 3) Zap is a product I use on the grout on my tile to keep the white looking white; you can buy that online if you can't find it locally. It smells vaguely like peppermint and is not unpleasant like the ammonia will be. Note, my tile is sealed tile, so the zap doesn't affect it. 4) I use Simple Green on lots of things, including stamps, and that could help. 5) Lastly, I use barkeep's friend on other things that need scrubbing; it seems to me not as large a granule as comet and to really scrub what I'm cleaning.

I would test in an inconspicuous spot before committing to the center island!


kirstensmom said...

Hey Denise,

I am not sure if you have CLR in the US, but it works fabulous!! Doesn't smell great, but cleans anything....literally!! Simple Green is great too!!

hope that helps...crossing my fingers for you for the bank job!!

Kelly S

Amy said...

Try the Mr Clean sponge, I use it on areas I can't get clean and miraculously it works! May take a little elbow grease... but its worth the time! I use it on the tiles in the bathroom and on the glass shower doors. I wish they made a mop with one of those on the end for floors, as I use it on the kitchen floor too to get out the grime..... it works great.

Good luck with the jobs.... you will be great at either job! Love you!

Gina K. said...

Hi Denise. I have the same floor. Soft scrub with bleach and a scrub brush. It will look new when you're done. Good luck with the job!
Gina K.

Karen said...

What about a Mr. Clean eraser sponge? They have cleaned everything I tried.

Kerry J. said...

I ditto the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! It works on everything and no nasty smell! Good luck!

Jolene George said...

I will ask my husband what he uses on tile. (we have a carpet cleaning company...and do tile as well)
I sure hope you get the bank job. The hours and pay are better. Not nearly as fun as the scrapbook store, but you wont be tempted to blow your whole paycheck. I know I'd blow it. :o)

Donna said...

How about bleach or one of those gel bleach pens?

Morning Glory68 said...

I was going to suggest the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, too. One of the parents at school mentioned to me that although it works great, she recommended using gloves. Someone in her family had a reaction to the chemicals in the sponge.

Both jobs sound great but the bank postition does sound ideal. Prayers goin' up for you, Denise.