Friday, August 17, 2007

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

**Stampin Stuff** Another card I made last fall. Love this stamp from Whipper Snapper....totally makes me think of fall with the whole carmel apple goodness. You can't see it but I covered the apple with Crystal Effects to make it have a glossy shine to it. Almost looks good enough to eat!

**Random Blogging** I am totally getting back to my old self as my family will tell you because I am on a huge cleaning binge. Partly because when I have a chaotic house I feel totally overwhelmed and like my whole life is falling apart and then when every little thing happens {such as fridge leaking and new digital camera not working} it seems like it's worse than it really is. I hate feeling out of balance and just makes everyone else miserable....if Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy.

Yesterday, I kept saying to myself "oh great...what else is gonna happen today?" Big mistake!! That's like taunting God and saying bring it on....when really you don't want anymore on your plate. That was yesterday and nothing seemed to be going right and every corner I turned was just one more thing! But today is a new day.

I got up early and showered before the kids woke's always a good day when I have alone time in the morning. I am finally adjusting to my haircut and actually liked it this know that is a good thing! I have put on my boxing gloves and I am so stinkin ready to kick some butt because I am not about to have another crappy day!

So with that being said....something is up with my digital camera and I am guessing that Cody touched it while I was recovering. Cody has this midas touch...everything he touches some how gets broken. I tought I saw him taking a pic one day but I am not sure...could have been a drug enduced hallucination. No camera means no pic of my haircut. Darn....maybe tomorrow or later today.

Gotta run and do my first load of laundry in three weeks! Can you believe that I have been missing my washer and dryer? I have missed it even though Bill has been totally caught up on the laundry during my recovery....but I feel off balance not taking care of my responsibilites. Oh's that pesky OCD issue again. LOL

I will end this with the words of my dear friend Amy......get over have a flat tummy...what are you complaining about! LOL...thanks for the reality check...flat tummy does make things better but I still have to do the laundry.


Julie said...

I jsut wanna say thanks for putting my card in your favs :)

P.S. - hope you weekend is better than your week!

Beth said...

D, you GOTTA post a pic of your hair. I had a dream last night and it looked exactly the same. Who dreams about other people's hair?????

Jolene George said...

Oh how I want a flat tummy!!!
Love that darn cute!
thanks for the info on the little mailbox. I will go looking.