Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gonna Go Stampin

Today I am feeling pretty darn good. I can tell because I actually have the desire to clean my office...really my whole house! {Bill and the kids have been responsible for cleaning the last two's good but the OCD control freak in me is itching to get out!}

So I am going to finish up my coffee and scoot around my office and attempt to organize the clutter around the computer as Maddie and Bailey have been on here daily and left a trail of mess. Then I am going to attempt to stamp something or create something.

Reading all my favorite blogs had got me motivated.....esp for Halloween! Have you seen all the cool Halloween cards being posted? Ah....wouldn't it be totally cool to get Halloween done before Oct 30th? Might be a first for me but I am gonna try.

So here is a pic of a Halloween card I did last year. It's 4x4 the colors.


Donna said...

Denise, I just love this adorable card. Perfect with your background paper!


Amy said...

LOVE this card! Love the stamp! I'll take 10.

Amy said...
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Anna said...

love the card. so cute!