Thursday, August 9, 2007

Full of Google

My Google Reader has that Google Reader. I wish every blog had the "add me to your Google Reader" button such as I have right there on the left column....makes life so much cutting and pasting of feeds...just click and bam you are in my Google Reader. How do you get that little button you ask? Sign up for Google Reader and it's on their home page with directions to add the little widget to your blog. Easy peasy.

So Jen and I were sharing our latest scoop {aka family gossip} yesterday and of course talking blog smack about how our favorite stampers have fallen from grace....such shock....yes we talk smack about y'all like you are family members that we know on a personal level.

So sad that we both had a super star fav that you all know and love as well {I won't mention names and spare some really hurt feelings} but she is no longer one of my inpsiration "go to" girls as her style is moving in a total opposite direction of mine. Which is good for her...not for me. She is still good but been replaced with a new "go to" girl. If you look through my Google Reader favs it won't be hard to figure out who I am now stalking. {Don't be scared...I am friendly...really I am.}

Since I am on a crabby roll let me just say that I do really like the My Favorite Things stamps but the whole headless thing is getting to me now. I understand that is sort of their trademark but I just can't get into the headless body at the beach or the headless teacher....kinda creepy. But I do love my headless shoppers....probably cause I don't want to think about the damage I am doing while shopping..LOL. I am not slamming MFT....just babbling....probably the lack of pain killers effecting me. {Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain....or the woman at the keyboard}.

Today I attempted to try on some clothes which was not a good idea because I can't stand up straight which makes my hips pucker out and it's next to impossible to slide on a pair of jeans and I certainly can't button them if I am hunched over....duh....won't be doing that again any time soon.

Mary brought me my first Starbucks in was wonderful! Been far too long since my last mocha. She also brought us dinner and I ate homemade mac and cheese for the first time! I don't like box mac and cheese so I have always steered clear altogether....what was I thinking! Yummmy!
Ok off to the recliner for some coffee and HGTV....or Hannah Montana....I am so much on HGTV I have resorted to Disney Channel which my kids are happy about but Bill isn't so responsive.

See ya on the blog!
P.S. Since I am not stamping I am just going to randomly post some of my old cards. This baby card is one of my favs that I made for a teacher at school. She had her baby on Bailey's birthday, July 19th.

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Melissa said...

So cute! And I agree about the google reader thing - what did I ever do without it???