Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bad Hair Day

Have you ever had a bad haircut that made you cry? I have had a few in my 37 years and my impulse haircut the other night is high on my list of bad hair days! I spent the entire summer wearing my hair up in a clip and letting it grow out to shoulder length and it is now up to my chin! I look like a guy and my husband so kindly told me...It's ok...I still love you...Dennis! LOL...leave it to Bill to make me feel worse. LOL

I have had short hair {I am talking above the chin length} before and loved it but this is not what I was expecting or wanting and considering I haven't done my hair in three months maybe I just need time to re-learn how to blow dry it and use the round brush all over again.

Sarah just dyed my hair for me and I am about to jump in the shower and then attempt to do my hair. Let's hope the new color doesn't send me over the edge. LOL. Really I feel like my hair is now at that annoying inbetween annoying stage and I might have to go shorter to deal with it! UGH...shorter wasn't my intentions because I am a dork and short hair with highlights is for the summer and long dark hair is for the winter. Just my OCD coming out again.

And I am clarifying for Beth and anyone else that misunderstood my last post....the doc gave me the sheet of before pics and jokingly said to hang it on the fridge. NOOOOOOOO I am not hanging them on the fridge....NASTY! {But very eye opening on how far I have come in three weeks.}

I'll attempt to post a hair pic later...maybe. See ya on the blog!


Joyfulheartart said...

your husband is funny. I had to LOL on that one.

Jolene George said...

Okay...I want to see your hair. I've had more than my fair share of bad hair days. My favorite hair stylist moved to Seattle and my hair has never been the same.
I'm glad you're recovering from your surgery.
My email is I just added it to my profile info too. :o)

Karen said...

It always looks better when you do it youself!

Donna said...

I have been in the same boat. The haircut I am unhappy about continues to make me feel unhappy. I have learned to go get a really cute short cut and it takes care of the whole deal. A miserable mid-length cut just stays miserable in my opinion.

Gina K. said...

I don't think there is anything that could keep you from looking cute as can be! We'll be the judge- post it!
Gina K.

Amy said...

The difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is about 2 weeks. Be thankful you have hair! -Quote by Darrell Thomason ;-) We love you. Be thankful and happy for what you have!