Sunday, November 13, 2011

A "Page" From My Crafty Weekend

Yeah for me! It actually feels great to do something creative again. I do feel slightly guilty for ruining two books for my projects but I love the end results so I'll get over it. (yes I have a second project but I am going to post it later. Why show off all in one post?)

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my Versafine wasn't dried up either. I did have a few problems such as I couldn't remember where my tools were and I went to buy mono adhesive to find that it isn't called mono adhesive anymore.

I actually managed to use my Big Shot and Sizzix flower die to make my layered flower. I have seen similar looking paper flowers on Pinterest (that link is to Simone's paper flower pins) and wanted to add the layered flower to a card. I used an old book that I got at the thrift store for my flower. I love the back and white on the red card.

I bought the stamp at Archievers a long long time ago and used Versafine black onyx ink.....still my favorite ink. I am not good with instructions and links anymore so forgive me for being so brief. I am just happy to have something posted before Monday.

I have a neglected friend that is going to get this card. (I actually have many neglected friends but I'll have to start slow and reach out one card at a time.) I actually have a ton of half started projects that need to be completed and mailed but if you know anything about me you know I have a problem mailing things too. Anyone else want to do a craft throwdown? I could use the continued motivation!

Thank you Simone for motivating me to do something crafty! I can't wait for you to share your project as I am sure it is awesome!

See ya on the blog!

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Jackie said...

Welcome back! I've missed your creativity! Luckily I've still got your humor via FB! :)

I too have been neglecting my crafts... Maybe I should join the challenge too!

huntla1 said...

Congratulations!!! You don't know how I identify with your step away. I too have suffered a bit of the same situation, but with my own twist. I just got plain bored with making cards. I still am bored with making cards. A bit at a time I have made other projects, but talk about neglected friends (and family.) I can't bring myself to buy a card because they are so much money and after all my cards are so much more personal and (okay I'll say it) prettier or cuter or sassier or whatever "er" you want to use. They are. But they don't exist right now. See my dilemma? I still have two nephews that have not received their cards -- it has only been since July for one and October the other -- and my best friend and the one that introduced me to card making celebrated her birthday in October. I think you will inspire me and maybe I'll get those cards made this week. Or maybe not. Oh my goodness...

~amy~ said...

yahooooo...sooooo good to see you posting again...LOVE your card and that fabbie bloom!

Simone Collins said...

YAY! I am so excited to see you crafting! (Now, if I could just challenge myself enough to actually complete something, I can start but then just lose the mojo completely)