Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's a craft throwdown!

My friend Simone and I are lacking in the production of crafts and blog posts (me for sure on the blog posts...flashback to 2009 for some real crafty content). So to spur on some accountability (and stupidity on my part) I challenged Simone to a crafty throwdown. Duh!!! What was I thinking? Really.... I think she met Martha Stewart this year and probably has her cell phone on direct dial.

Has anyone seen my studio lately? kids found it and took full advantage of my crafty hiatus. Last weekend I found glue tape on the hardwood floors and a piece (full piece of SU cardstock) with the words I <3 JUSTIN BIEBER spelled out in crystal rhinestones and glitter....and don't you know it....brads and Bazzill Bling paper accessorizing the lovely artwork adorning "MY" studio! (I hate Justin Bieber even more than ever. JK...if he is reading this.)

Regardless...."MY" studio has been out of commission for two years and I am ready to get back my crafty mojo. To show you my sincerity I have included pics of my messy studio with a mixture of supplies. There are no rules other than we have to craft something before Monday. How hard can that be? (Shhhh... I can hear your evil laughter!)

Simone....are your ready for a throwdown? (please be gentle and don't kick my ass) This all in good fun! No?

See ya on the blog!

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SmilynStef said...

So glad to see you chasing down that mojo again ... can't wait to see what you create.