Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Rest of the JustRite Story

Hello's time for my once a week blog post. I wish I had time to blog more for myself but right now life is crazy busy and I will be so happy when things slow down in about another week.

Yesterday, we had Sarah's graduation party or get together with some friends. It should have been Bailey's birthday party as it was mostly little kids. But we get to do it all over again in a few weeks for Bailey's birthday.

Cody is in Texas having a great time and I miss him bunches. I have been sending him letters and cards with little prizes a Burger King gift card. I really hope he takes these five weeks to reflect and grow and mature and know how much he has made me sick with worry the last 3 months. OMG, teenage growing pains hurt so bad...esp for me! He is a great kid and I just want to get past this stage of life quickly.

Anyway, onto the stamping stuff...which is why you are really here! So this is a quick view of some of the things I have been working on at JustRite. We have been introducing lots and lots of new products ....something like 32 pieces all together and each new product needs a sample made for the packaging and for the CHA display.

This grouping is what made it onto the Chique Stamper (oval stamper) product packaging. So every time you see the Chique Stamper Kit you will see my Maddie's cute little smile on the box! How cool is that?

Speaking of cool.....have you been watching the JustRite blog sneak peeks? Do you not just love the new fonts and that Harmony Rectangle Stamper?! I can not wait to get that Harmony stamper and make my own sentiments and phrases with all the new fonts. That is the beauty of the JustRite products....everything is interchangeable and works together. One stamper can be used a million kind of stamper.

I am so excited about our guest designer schedule too. Michelle Wooderson is going to be a guest designer on Friday and Taylor Van Bruggen will be a guest designer on Saturday. Not to mention Sharon Johnson and some of the Flourishs girls will also be guest designers throughout the weekend. We have a lot of cool stuff planned for the three day event and I know on Monday I will be ready to collapse.

See you on the a week!


Margie H said...

Hi, Denise! I found you! Hope you remember me...we met at the Craft Fancy opening on Sunday!

LOVE your stuff (& blog!) it bookmarked along with JustRite's blog! Heehee!!!

Hope to see you @ CHA!

chelemom said...

See you Friday!!!