Saturday, July 26, 2008

More CHA stuff

Thanks for the comments about posting pics of products and not people. Well, I did post pics of people the other day but there were so many other people that I met but didn't have a chance to get a pic taken with them. Like my sweet friend Gina K stopped by, Emily "The" Stamping Bella sat and listened to my infomercial with her sweet side kick Nicki, I saw Jen Balcer, Kurtis and Daven walk by the booth {I've never met them but recognized them and would have enjoyed a chit chat}. I had a quick convo with Tim Holtz but no pic. Ok...over all I feel weird asking for pics with I am a stalker...LOL...but it is exciting to be in company with such incredibly talented people.

Ok...more booth and product pics.

I am really sorry but I think this was taken at the Maya Road booth. I was just walking by and this little bucket of flowers caught my eye so I snapped a pic.
OMG...more Glitz. I LOVE these strands of rhinestone Gems! I actually won a pack at Mark Montano's give away at his booth. I stood next to's always good to stand next to the tall girl. LOL...I think she got a glue stick from Scotch.
We R Memory Keepers had a great line of Christmas paper that I think will go so well with the JustRite Christmas Ensemble. Snapped a pic to remember them in a few months when it is time to get started on Christmas cards.

Karen Foster has a great set of baking papers that are going to go with the JustRite Baking Ensemble. Really keep your eyes open for this paper line....I can't wait to get it for Christmas gifts and holiday baking. More Karen Foster Christmas Baking papers. I am so dead serious when I say that this is going to perfectly match the JustRite Baking Ensemble. It's totally on my "must have" list. to do some Facebook. Yes, I have joined the Facebook crowd and I am still trying to learn about it. Sadly, my kids are the ones that are geeking out my site with the flair and stuff. If you want to be my Facebook Friend you have to tell me who you are in the message cause I won't accept anyone that I don't know. Safety first. LOL Like I am not totally exposing myself here on the blog. I am a dorkabella...I know.

See ya on the blog!


emilymomto3boys said...

Oh man! I am so jealous about CHA! I am determined to go some day, lol! Looks like some fabulous stuff coming!

And I cannot wait for the new Just Rite products - the stamping world better be prepared!!!

chelemom said...

Love that baking set! Did you get my e-mail?

Jenn Balcer said...

you should have stopped us and said hello! none of us bite! Your blog is so fun, Denise!