Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday PMS Check and Mail Call

FYI.....before I start let me explain why I do a Sunday PMS check. I started it a long time ago on my old blog as a New Year's Resolution and it just sort of stuck and people tell me that they like it. {Or they are just being nice.}

The PMS stands for Physical, Mental and Spiritaul well being. I almost peed my pants last week when Ivy commented that she finally figured it out because her thoughts she sure does PMS a lot. LOL

It's just a way for me to stay myself and you my imaginary friends.

**PMS Check***

  • Physical Well Being- Today have been so achey all over. I think I am getting the flu....even my hair hurts as well as every bone and joint in my body. Yuck!
  • Mental Well Being- I am finally over the mental torture of keeping my Just Rite secret. I have been thinking and praying about it a lot the last few weeks. It was hard to figure out what to do because my family comes first and I didn't want to take on any responsibilities that would interfer with my kids. I enjoy working and having the flexability to be there for them when I need to be. Just Rite is allowing me to work from home with is a good thing. I am very happy with the plan we were able to work out.
  • Spiritual- I was supposed to incorporate morning prayer at school into my Lenten promise but that hasn't happened. I was able to stay away from Starbucks but I am totally looking forward to my first Mocha on my way home from Easter mass.

**Mail Call** I have had lots of questions coming in throught the comments and emails so I thought I would answer them here. Oh and my mailbox is one that I made last year as a baby gift filled with onesies, socks and binkies.

  1. Yes, I will be responsible for the Just Rite blog and new WEB site that we are creating. Yes, I am going to get paid to blog....amongst many other things. Isn't that cool? Who knew my gift of gabbing would pay off. SCS name is imchatty so I must live up to the name.
  2. The Just Rite monogram kit is sold at Archiver's and local stamp/scrapbook stores around the country. Ask your local store if they would like to get it for you. You can also google Just Rite Stampers and there are lots of online stores that also carry it amongst the other products in our line.
  3. Yes, I will keep this blog. This is my personal blog where I get to babble on about important things in my life like American Idol, PMS and my kids doing stupid stuff. The Just Rite blog will be all about our products, tutorials and guest designers....totally professional and business but still interesting, fun and it should be.

OK...I am off to take a nap and hopefully find some stampin energy to get my cards done for the upcoming week. I usually stamp on the weekend and show you the creations all through the week. I doubt you want pics of me snoozing or folding laundry...not fun.

See ya on the blog!


Michele Zwart said...

That baby mailbox is *so* dang cute! I just posted on my blog that my niece is pregnant. I am making one of these!

jacki j. said...

You have been tagged. You have been considered one of the 10 prettiest ladies with a warm loving heart on my friends list.
see my blog for details.
I love your mailbox. I love your style.

Allison said...

That mailbox is adorable. I have always wondered what to do with alterable items - I tend to stick to cards and scrapbooks. What a good idea to use it as packaging for presents. I have a friend who is pregnant and perhaps I will CASE this.
PS. I LOVE how you have a PMS check. What an awesome idea!

Lorraine said...

love, love, love the mailbox. what a great, wonderful way to present a gift. thanks for sharing this!
Love the PMS too.

Debbie Olson said...

What a darling baby present this is--great job!

Laura said...

Is this ever adorable; I LOVE IT!!!

I got that cupcake paper you asked about from Eclectic Paperie a WHILE ago and now I can't find it anywhere....:(

Godelieve said...

So cute!