Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oprah, Rico Suave and David Bowie

Ok...let's clarify that I attended the taping of Oprah on Monday, Nov 19th (yesterday....read the previous post) and I will probably be boring you with all the details for the next week. This ia pic of me in my "Oprah Outfit" before I left the house.
Today I do have something really funny to tell you about the show but first let me tell you that YES, that is a Williams and Sonoma bag in my hand in yesterday's pic. We were introduced to Chuck Williams who is the creator of the store Williams and Sonoma. He is 92 years old and his mother introduced him to his love of cooking and being in the kitchen. Chuck gave us a Souffle pan, a creamer in the shape of a cow and a lemon juicer. So cool...love the store.

So let me tell you about the funny couple we met in line....two guys that were "partners" with matching wedding rings. One guy was from Wisconsin and looked totally like David Bowie. I was on the verge of saying.....has anyone ever told you that you look like David Bowie.....but reserved my comment just because it was soooooo totally obvious and I didn't want to sound like a total moron (for once in my life). The other guy was a handsome man from Brazil (we'll call him Rico Suave) and he was telling us how he was so tired from working late and he didn't want to go to the show but "David" made him get up and go to the show.....such torture....this was their 4th time attending a show!!

How the heck does that happen when you have only been in the country for 8 years and I was born and raised here and skipped school as a teenager to watch Oprah on TV? I have grown up watching Oprah on the TV an hour away from the studio and "Rico Suave" has been there 4 times with "David Bowie" by his side....go figure.

Anyway, once we were inside the studio the prodcution crew came out and gave us instructions on how to laugh and react and etc....oh and not to eat the snacks until Oprah told us to do so...that was funny because she never remembered to tell us and then people were afraid to eat. Then they put on some music and did an audience warm up with us....we all stood up while clapping and dancing when they randomly invited some guests up on stage to do some dancing for us. Gladly the self proclaimed "Cuban American" group ran down on the stage and did a lovely booty shaken routine for us. There were some older ladies on stage as well that need to come back for the "you need to get fitted for a real bra" episode but that was not the highlight of the warm up.

The production lady announced....hey we need a man down here....and wouldn't you know it....BAM..... "Rico Suave" was on the stage getting his groove on. OH-My-GOSH....he was botty shakin, pelvic thrusting and body rubbing like you wouldn't believe it.....all while floppy boob Grandma was attemtping to get her groove on with "Rico Suave". That is when I had a my huge AH-HA Oprah moment!!! I am guessing that "Rico Suave" was a dancer and that would explain why he was so tired from "working" and didn't want to wake up for the show.

Who knew that the quiet Brazilian "Rico Suave" that I chit chatted with for two hours was so smooooth on the dance floor? Even Oprah commented when she came out that she saw him dancing while she was back stage. It was quite entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed the company of David and Rico.....I must say two VERY nice gentlemen.....who sent me off with a twinkling smile and a wave of the hand. I hope to see them at my next Oprah visit! LOL

Ok...tomorrow I will reveal another gift.....I am so excited and can hardly "contain" myself. Oh and then I will fill you in on "Pilgrim Girl". Man....I just realized that I have used a ton of quotation marks in this post.

See ya on the "blog".


jacki j. said...

It's so good to see you back on the blog. I know you'll have stories to tell about the Oprah show for the next few weeks, and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. Even if you don't get a chance to stamp, pop in and let us know how work is going and all.

Email me about that stamp set if you still want it.

Beth said...

"Rico Suave"...gotta love it!!

Melissa said...

I can't wait to hear more!

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