Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Great Lips and A Pilgrim this is day three of my Oprah story. I am telling you....I can drag this out for a week or more....but I won't cause I really know you are on the edge of your seat to see if I am ever going to stamp again. Guess what...I stamped and forgot to take a pic of the 32 cards I made!!!! OMG...yes I stamped 32 cards and sold them. However, I have another order for 32 more cards so I will take pics this time.

Anyway, back to Oprah. We attended the afternoon taping but were never really given any specific arrival instructions other than bring an ID and arrive at 11:00. Since we were Oprah Show Newbies we arrived early which I don't recommend because your place in line really has no bearing on your seat in the audience.

We went in around 10:45 but sat there until approximately 1:00 and the taping began at 1:30. It was a long afternoon in the big waiting room upstairs. While we waited upstairs Oprah was in the studio with the first audience taping the Denzel Washington episode that is airing on Monday.

While waiting people were slowly brought upstairs and after a few hours you just zone out and people watch. Rico and David even took a little nap while waiting. Then all of the sudden Vicki says to me...the Pilgrims have arrived. I look up to see this really tall blonde lady with a blue beaded blouse and HUGE white collar and white cuffs. She sure did look like a fancy Pilgrim and then she turned around and had a GINORMOUS silver zipper up her back. What the heck?? It looked like a zipper that would be on a pair of jeans! It was annoying me so bad that I couldn't stop look at this huge zipper on her back. Then I heard other people around me talking about the zipper. I was in great fear that she was going to sit in front of me and I would end up staring at the stupid zipper the entire show. Shwooooo.....I have no idea where she sat but it was funny.

I hinted that I was going to have the best damn lips for the next four years. That is because we received a 4 year supply of Carmex Lip Balm. A four year supply consists of a variety of 14 different lip balms....the little pots, chapstick form and vaseline squeeze type. Pretty cool.

Tomorrow, I am going to spend Thanksgiving Day with Jen's family. I feel like I haven't seen Jen in months....duh that would be because I haven't seen her since the first week of October. It has been almost two months. I am so ready to get my life back and see my best friend more often.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! See ya on the blog.

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Stamper Gail said...

Oh what fun you must have had Denise. I sure hope I get to see you on TV!