Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday PMS Check

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately but I have been attempting to be more productive in my life rather than procrastinate....whooooa...did I just say that?! Plus things always get busy for me when the kids go back to school until I find the groove of my busy life.
**Sunday PMS Check**
  • Physical Well Being-I am almost pain free and pretty much standing completely upright now. I still have trouble rolling over in bed but it is getting easier. I am ready to start walking again and will incorporate the gym in about 4 more weeks. I am so ready to lose my last 30 pounds and be done with this whole weightloss chapter of my life. Yes, one day I will dig up some before and after pics for you but there aren't very many before pics...that's for sure.
  • Mental Well Being- This week has been a true test of my mental well being but I survived. I just decided that I am not going to focus my energy on other people's mental well being. I am going to do my thing and be responsible for myself and my own actions. I can't think for everyone....just myself.
  • Spiritual Well Being- Felt good to be back in morning prayer. I enjoy starting my day with the kids at prayer. Tomorrow I will be adding the Rosary into my drive home. I forgot my iPod last week but it's in my purse now.
**Random Blogging** Bailey lost a tooth today. She was supposed to be in bed sleeping but decided to pull her tooth out instead. Now that's how you delay going to bed. She's a smart cookie. The poor girl has had the worst first week of school ever and I feel so bad for her. The first day she got bleeding blisters from her new shoes and broke out head to toe in a BAD case of exzema. If anyone has eczema then you know once you start itching and throw in some heat and stress you have the outcome of a bad rash.

I have spent the entire weekend keeping her in the A/C, alternating a steamy warm shower or bath and majorly slicking her down like a greased pig. I put on a layer of hydrcortisone cream, then a layer of Crisco {yes the kind you bake with} and then a heavy layer of Eucerine Cream plus keeping up on the Zyrtec. We did this every couple of hours all weekend long...except the Zyrtec. It helped but will take several more days of diligence to get it under control.

**Stampin Stuff**I actually attempted to stamp today. Attempted being the key word was so hard to get in the groove. I did too much thinking of what I wanted to do rather than executing it. But I broke out my Big Shot and started playing with a little of everything...Cuttlebug folders, Sizzix dies, Ellison BigZ and Quickutz....I did it all. Of course, stuff is all over the office that Bill just cleaned for me {he cleans by putting it out of sight in a drawer or bag}. I am working on a project for my blogging friend Nicole at the Inkblog.

I am coming home tomorrow after prayer and NOT staying at school all day. If I don't get out of the building right away I will get stuck there. So I am counting on Beth to make me leave by 9:00!

See ya on the blog.


Jolene George said...

Boy has Baily ever had it rough.Makes me feel so bad.
I'm glad your healing more and more everyday. I'm with you on the weight thing. I've got 40 to lose.

Beth said...

Yes, Madam! Out of the building by 9 am! Can I push a few people out of the way if they don't cooperate??

P.S. Way to go, Bailey, on the tooth!! We'll have a look at it in library.

Julie (Joypup on SCS) said...

Congratulations for having your priorities so straight! I know you will find your groove -- you are off to a great start. I will hold you and yours in the Light. I hope your daughter has things ease up for her. I know it will make her stronger in some ways, and it is great she has such a good family behind her, but it is always hard to see a kid in pain.

Hugs, all the way around.

Amy said...

Hugs and kisses to Bailey! Tell her we hope she is feeling better - Caroline has had MANY bouts with Eczema in Cuba, and trying to keep her cool and dry is so hard to do!!!! Hugs and kisses to you both!