Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Moral Dilema

Hi Everyone.... that thinks they are coming to a stamping blog and have yet to see anything stamp worthy! I have not posted any stamping since my surgery in July and I really don't blame you if you are tired of reading about my personal life. I promise stampin will make a come back appearance....soon.

I did create something but I am not ready to post it here. I did a write up for Nicole about the Big Shot and Sizzix and I made ONE card.....a really cute card too I might say. My intentions are to make a few more cards to go along with my article. Poor Nicole has been patiently waiting for my article but my life is so busy right now I hardly have time to think much less stamp.

So here is the update on my quest for a job. I was waiting for a response from the bank and couldn't put off Archiver's anymore....they called me twice. So I went in on Monday to finalize my paperwork and I accepted the position at Archivers.

As life would have it....the bank called me on Tuesday and wanted me to come in for an interview on Friday....which is my first day at Archiver's. I feel terrible and I am so torn because the bank pays way more (double) and has set day hours. But I love the work I would be doing at Archiver's...being an instructor and working with fun stuff....but not fun cleaning up and working late hours on nights and weekends. Um...I think I just answered my own dilema and brought myself down to reality...take the bank job stupid!

Well I don't have it for sure so let's not count our chickens before they hatch. Just keep saying those prayers for the bank job! Sorry Archiver's.

So here is moral dilema question of the day.....I work at Archiver's tomorrow at 9:30 and my bank interview is at 2:00. Do I tell Archiver's that I am going on the interview and it is a possibility that I won't be returning or do I just wait and see what the bank says? I feel really really bad for doing this to the Manager at Archiver's. She is so nice and in a huge bind right now because she is very low on staff at the moment. She has been so nice to me and really flexible with my schedule and even gave me day hours to accomodate my busy school schedule right now.

Thanks for listening to me ramble and for feeding me your wisdom. You were great with my question about cleaning the tile so lets see where we go with this one!

See ya on the blog!


dmg said...

I would wait until you see what's going on with the bank before you say anything to Archivers. If things don't work out with the bank, you're still a-ok!

I've read your blog for awhile now - since the Granny visiting days. Finally decided to comment!

Good luck - Dawn

Anonymous said...

I vote for doing what you like to do, forget the money. I can vouch for the fact that a job you can enjoy would be so much more fun.

Amy said...

I agree with Dawn's comment. Wait and see what happens with the bank. Either way, be upfront and honest with Archivers, don't burn any bridges! Money isn't all its cracked up to be, especially if you aren't doing what you LOVE! Will continue to keep you in my prayers! Love, Amy

Joyfulheartart said...

I agree with Dawn and Amy. Just don't stop stamping. By all means, if you get the bank job, just be honest with Archivers. They may allow you to some for special occasions when they have big special sales etc...

I decided to get a real job and allow stamping to be my fun, on my own terms.

Jan Scholl said...

dont say anything until you are filing out bank employment papers. Is there any chance you could still do a class or a few hours anyways at Archiver's because it thats not your real job-maybe it will be more fun. It depends on how much you NEEED the extra money. If you just want spending cash, keep the craft job but if you NEED the extra to survive, then the bank job for now-.

A friend once mentioned she was looking as where she was at was not meeting her bills, and they let her go and then she didnt get the other job, so she was totally destitute money wise. Go to the other interview but dont say anything until you have a clue.