Sunday, January 25, 2009

How Time Flies

Hey there people in blogville. My how time flies these days. So much so that I seem to forget about blogging these days. As I said before I spend most of my time on Facebook because it is faster....more like micro-blogging in sentances rather than paragraphs as I explained to Beth today.

Anyway while I was blog surfing today I came across a post talking about the Project 365 and the blogger asked.... if you could look at old photos what were you doing one year ago? Hmmmm. Well if I look back at my blog posts a year ago I was exstatic to be invited to attend CHA with JustRite. I was off to California and ready to take a huge leap into the craft and hobby industry. A leap that I thought would make all my crafting dreams come true. Wrong.

Fast's CHA time again....I am here....thankful, grateful, appreciative, overjoyed..... and any other happy adjective you can stick in here....that I am home, stress free and lovin life. is good and I am thankful for all the opportunities I have had in my life time. There is nothing I can't do...well except put up with ridiculously stupid people....but who can? So what were you doing a year ago?

I went stamping last night with some friends (Jen, Krista and Ivy) and we laughed all night long. It was so awesome to get crafty for the hell of it. So here is one of the cards I made. Can't show you the rest because they are a personalized gift for someone that reads this blog and then it won't be a surprise.'ll just have to wait.


~amy~ said...

FABulous the colors. I have a friend that is consumed with FB like I am with She wants me to hop onto FB..and get away from blurfing?! lol.

ivyPINK said...

I have our group Pic up :)
Ill send you a copy if you want
good to see you
I loved all your crazy stories LOL

Margie H said...

Hey, Denise!
I know Ivy too! LOL! Small world! Hope all is well :0)
LOVE this card!
Keep warm...

Cardmaking Galore said...

This is really beautiful - love the colours you used. And by the way, that video, mmm looks just like my room after a crafting session : )

sanjeet said...

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