Saturday, October 11, 2008

Craft Fancy Demo and Life

Hello....I am still here and if you want visible proof stop by Craft Fancy in Arlington Heights, IL on Saturday October 11th. I'll be doing a JustRite demo from 11-3. (No I am not working for JustRite any longer but committed to this demo months ago and didn't want to leave Simone in a jam.....for those enquiring minds that wanted to know why on Earth I would be doing this demo....there you have it.)

On the homefront.....Maddie (my 8 year old that broke both her wrists back in June) broke her left ring finger which required many many trips to the doctor because she broke it right along the growth plate. You know the growth plate that determines if your bones will continue to grow...yeah that one. Well, they can't tell if her finger will continue to grow so we must wait it out and only time will tell if her nickname will be stubby. Amy said it could be a positive thing in matter what size diamond she has it is going to look huge on her little finger. LOL

Speaking of Amy.....she is going to be here in Chicago in less than a month! OMG....I absolutely can't believe it. I have not seen my dear friend since I lived in Florida almost 6 years ago. Since then she has moved to Cuba and then Guam. All I can say is that girl is going to freeeeeze her toes off the first week of November. But we have already determined that you don't need toes when eating your way through Chicago. We have our food tour mapped out already.....Gino's East Pizza, Chicago dogs, Carson's ribs, Garretts popcorn, Fannie May candy and we'll wash it all down with some martinis.

I got a raise at work and an awesome welcome back to my regular 5 days a week schedule.....I LOVE my job at the bank! How many times have I said that on this blog? I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to follow my heart with the JustRite gig but sooooo incredibly happy that I did not give up the bank completely. Really, I wake up and enjoy going to work, I enjoy what I do and I enjoy the people I work with (all 70 of them) every single day because I feel valued, needed and appreciated....what more could a person ask for on a daily basis? Right.....a sense of accomplishment and that you have contributed to something good too.

Oh one more thing for those that keep emailing me and asking......Lord NO that is not me writing the JustRite blog anymore. I have no idea what is up with the blog, I don't know why the feed has changed, I don't know what is being written or who is writing the crap you are complaining about. Although I did get a good chuckle when one person asked if I was on drugs because my writing style had taken on a new and odd personality that doesn't know how to write complete and coherent my writing style that obvious that people noticed things have changed on that blog? I suggest writing to customer service if you want to complain but doubt you will get far. Honestly, I haven't looked at it since I resigned so I am totally clueless and could really care less. Sorry.


chelemom said...

Sorry to have missed ya at Craft Fancy! I just got home that day from Disney. Sorry to hear about your DD's finger....hopefully it will be just fine! Just wanted you to know that I was thinking of ya! Glad all is well with you!

ivypink said...

glad to see your back :)

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