Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday PMS Check

It' Sunday and that means time for a PMS check. Sorry I don't have any card pics for you at the moment. I stamped, made cards and worked on the mountain of laundry all day today. I went to load the pics I took onto laptop and my memory card won't work. Hmmmph! After I post this I will go and re-take the pics.

**Sunday PMS Check**

  • Physical Well Being - I have Spring Fever. It happens every year about this time. I clean my house and have a strong desire to go for a walk. Unfortunately, I cleaned all weekend but resisted the urge to walk the neighborhood.
  • Mental Well Being - Just say no. I keep saying that over and over in my head. No I don't want to be PTO President next year. Heck...I can't...I will be working two jobs and it's mentally not possible. Just say no.
  • Spiritual Well Being - I am attempting to read the Oprah Book.... A New Earth. It's about recognizing your Ego...the little voice in your head that talks to you all the time. It is a hard read...I will say that. I find myself re-reading a lot but I am getting something out of it. Who knows if I am "awakening" to the purpose of my life but I am getting some education out of it.

See ya on the blog in a few with some pics


Pat said...

I think a theme challenge (spring, girly, blue, birds, etc..) would be great and then lots of stampers could participate. I don't own every new fad stamp that comes out and can't participate in lots of blog challenges because they single out certain stamps or stamp sets.

Danyelle Kessler said...

ROFL....well calling it a PMS check made me read further. Love it, except for the walk thingie.