Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday PMS Check

I am going to do my PMS check early so I can come back later with some stampin. I did a little shopping at Jo's Friday night and got some goodies to play with. I have been itching to do some creative stuff but.....laundry first. Yikes.

**PMS Check**

  • Physical Wellness- Last week I made the bold statement that I was happy with my body just as is.....yeah....I should have refrained from that statement after the Girl Scout cookies arrived. really I am ok with being me just the way I am need to put more focus on what I love about me rather than what I don't like about me.
  • Mental Wellness- Procrastination is my enemy. Today I am going to complete a project that has been driving me nuts. If I just do it I won't think about it DAILY!!! What the hell is up with that.
  • Spiritual Wellness- we went to mass last night and the Gospel was the story of Jesus giving a blind man sight. In retrospect, we are all blind to some degree and opening your eyes is deeply connected to opening your heart and mind. Of course, I am reading the Oprah book choice A New Earth which is focused on being more conscience and recognizing your's an awakening process.....the blind shall see. It's a hard read for me and I find myself reading things repeatedly but I do get it....I think. Anyone else readig it? Love to hear your comments.

Be back later with some stampin stuff. Oh and there is a little video of Michael Buble. I read that he will be in Milwaukee in April......maybe I'll get to go again. Twice in one year. {Big Sighs}


~amy~ said...

I just bought the Oprah book, A New Earth...I haven't cracked it open yet but heard it gets better after you get past the first 50 pages or so :) I'll check back after I start reading it.

ivyPINK said...

OMG im S*L*O*W so I just "GOT" wat the PMS check thing stood for I was like how come shes PMSing all the time?! LOL im a dork...

Allison said...

So jealous if you get to see Michael Buble! I missed his concert because I was moving when he came here!